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Are you looking for a reputable painter in North Adelaide? Don't want to risk a poor paint job?

Welcome to Adelaide Home Painting, where our commitment lies in delivering top-tier painting services that not only enhance your property's value but will stand the test of time. 

Our professional painting team services North Adelaide and all of Adelaide.  Our expertise caters to diverse paint and plastering requirements for your residential or commercial property, as well as offices, strata complexes, and retail spaces.

Guided by Tim's seasoned leadership, our team immerses itself in understanding your envisioned outcomes and budget constraints. This enables us to recommend optimal products and tailored solutions, ensuring your project receives nothing short of excellence.

Beyond painting, our services extend to comprehensive property maintenance and handyman solutions. From addressing those minor yet essential tasks that accompany a painting project—such as door replacements, picture hanging, and cornice repairs—we've got you covered.

Experience the synergy of quality craftsmanship, strategic solutions, and dedicated service at Adelaide Home Painting. Your property's transformation is our utmost priority.

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Tim Wright

“Unfortunately, a bad paint job is costly, and it won’t last”

Hi, my name is Tim Wright. I started my career in the home improvement industry by flipping properties 20 years ago. I have since purchased and renovated countless homes before becoming a licensed painter and handyman servicing North Adelaide and the surrounding Adelaide area.

At the core of Adelaide Home Painting is strong ethics – to offer a quality service with open and honest communication.

I take a personal commitment to providing my clients with high-quality paint work that will add value to their property.

In my experience, a main problem many clients face is understanding why paint quotes can vary so significantly for what appears to be “the same job”. Very simply, there are certain shortcuts that can be taken and as a result, property owners get disappointed when they see peeling paint and cracks within months.

 With painting, it’s all about the process, technique, and quality of paint. A quality paint job will last you 10+ years and save you money long-term.

This is why I’ll always take the time to explain our process, what we are doing, and why.

I understand how important it is to build trust, ensure excellent communication throughout the project, and of course provide a workmanship guarantee over the work. 

I welcome you to contact me directly for a no-obligation discussion about your paint job.

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Interior Home Painting Adelaide

Internal painting

Revitalise your North Adelaide residence with a new layer of paint that injects vitality into every corner. Whether you're envisioning a complete interior makeover or seeking to enhance a specific area—a single room, selected walls, or even ceilings—you can confidently rely on the expertise of seasoned painters, Tim and Warren, to bring your vision to vibrant reality.

Exterior house painting

Looking to enhance your property's value, boost its street appeal, or prepare your North Adelaide residence for a successful sale? We firmly believe that painting stands as one of the most effective methods to achieve these goals and secure an impressive Return on Investment. Our specialised external painting services are tailored to the local area, encompassing comprehensive home exteriors while also addressing those smaller details that other painters might overlook—such as doors, windows, and decks. Count on us to not only elevate your property's aesthetics but also contribute to its overall charm and marketability.

Painting Services Adelaide
Painter Rostrevor


Are cracks, holes, or water damage marring the appearance of your walls, ceilings, or cornices? Are you contending with sagging or bowed ceilings? Our expertise is at your service. Whether it's addressing minor patch-up plastering repairs or undertaking the replacement of an entire damaged plasterboard on a wall or ceiling, we have you covered. Count on us to meticulously restore the integrity and aesthetics of your interiors, leaving no trace of imperfections behind.

Outdoor furniture staining

Tired with the sight of your weathered and worn outdoor furniture? Prepare to be amazed by the transformation we can bring. Discover the remarkable difference as we breathe new life into your outdoor furniture, revitalising it to a state that's nothing short of brand new.

Outdoor Furniture Painting Adelaide
Deck staining Adelaide

Deck painting

Decks bear the brunt of weather elements and can lose their luster over the years. Entrust your deck's care to us. Through our deck staining and maintenance services covering North Adelaide and Adelaide, we not only shield your deck against the elements but also rejuvenate it, ensuring longevity that stands the test of time.

Bathroom painting

Over time moisture-related issues in bathrooms, causing unsightly mold growth, stains, and discoloration on ceilings and walls. Our expertise comes to the rescue. Through a meticulous process involving sugar soap cleaning and expert repainting, we specialise in restoring your bathroom to its former glory. Say goodbye to those damp-related problems as we transform your bathroom into a fresh, rejuvenated space.

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We’d love to share our latest articles, tips, and resources with you on how to avoid painting disasters and also smart ways to add value to your property in North Adelaide and all across Adelaide. Get more Adelaide home painting tips right here.

Painting is the quickest way to increase the value of your Adelaide property

When you are preparing to sell your home in Adelaide, one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest ways to boost your asking price is to add a fresh coat of paint. Old, tired-looking paint can make walls look grimy, and the colour selection may make the home look out of date and unappealing.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider calling an Adelaide home painting service to help you get your home ready for a sale.

Update your home with a fresh new look

When you talk to just about any real estate about getting ready to sell your home, one of the first suggestions they will make will be to update the exterior and interior with fresh new colours to create a more modern look.

Increases property value

There are no other improvements you can do to your home that will increase the sale value for not much outlay. Bathroom and kitchen renovations are complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. Plus, you’re putting up a sizeable sum with no guarantee you will recoup your investment. Painting is a lot cheaper, and you are more likely to make more than your money back.

It increases the curbside appeal

People looking for a new home to settle down in don’t want to be lumbered with the extra work of making their home presentable. However, many will use it as a reason to lowball you on your asking price.

An exterior paint job will significantly increase the curbside appeal of your property and make it look a few decades younger, which will help attract a lot more offers for a quicker sale.

Which paint brand is best for my Adelaide property?

When most people think of painting their home indoors or outdoors, their primary focus is on colours. However, there are different paints for different areas of the house.

If you or your favourite Adelaide home painter are painting your home’s exterior, you need to select paints created for that purpose. Outdoor paints leave a durable coating that will resist the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Specialised paints for bathroom ceilings resist mould, and if you are starting from the base material, you will need an undercoat as well.

Now that you know a little about the different types of paints, it’s time to learn more about the popular brands around Australia and what makes them stand out.

Haymes Paint

Haymes has been brushing up against Australian homes for more than 80 years and consistently scores five-star reviews wherever paint reviews can be found. They get all sorts of love because of the quality finish, variety of shades, and silky smooth application. Their reputation for durability lets them down a little, but you still get a lot of quality for your money.

British Paints

British Paints can now only be found at Bunnings, which means you can still get it pretty much everywhere. Their website has a handy ‘Colouriser’ section that lets you view what the finished room will like. There’s a 25-year guarantee on their 4 Seasons paint, which should have you painting with confidence.


Taubmans are famous for creating paints that can handle the harsh Australian climate of droughts and flooding rains. They also develop specialised paints for ceilings, doors, and trimmings to ensure a quality finish wherever you are laying down a coat. They are among the few paint brands to score highly across the board for durability, ease of application, and variety.

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