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Are you looking for a reputable painter in Northern Suburbs Adelaide? Don't want to risk a poor paint job?

Welcome to Adelaide Home Painting, the trusted source for quality painting services across Adelaide.

Our mission is not only to elevate your property's worth but also ensure that your investment yields lasting beauty and value. Servicing Northern Suburbs and the entirety of Adelaide, our professional painting team can assist you with a wide of paint and plastering needs. From your cherished residential spaces to bustling commercial properties, offices, and retail establishments, we have the expertise to create exceptional results.

Guided under the seasoned leadership of Tim, our team is attuned to your aspirations and budgetary considerations. This allows us to offer bespoke solutions and recommend optimal products.

Our commitment doesn't stop at painting; we extend our helping hand to encompass comprehensive property maintenance and handyman solutions. From door replacements to picture hanging and cornice repairs, and all those other little jobs that come along with painting, this complete trade service helps take away the risk, time, and hassle of you having to source multiple trades. We can help you do it all, and we welcome you to reach out today.


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Tim Wright

“Unfortunately, a bad paint job is costly, and it won’t last”

Hi, my name is Tim Wright. I started my career in the home improvement industry by flipping properties 20 years ago. I have since purchased and renovated countless homes before becoming a licensed painter and handyman servicing Northern Suburbs and the surrounding Adelaide area.

At the core of Adelaide Home Painting is strong ethics – to offer a quality service with open and honest communication.

I take a personal commitment to providing my clients with high-quality paint work that will add value to their property.

In my experience, a main problem many clients face is understanding why paint quotes can vary so significantly for what appears to be “the same job”. Very simply, there are certain shortcuts that can be taken and as a result, property owners get disappointed when they see peeling paint and cracks within months.

 With painting, it’s all about the process, technique, and quality of paint. A quality paint job will last you 10+ years and save you money long-term.

This is why I’ll always take the time to explain our process, what we are doing, and why.

I understand how important it is to build trust, ensure excellent communication throughout the project, and of course provide a workmanship guarantee over the work. 

I welcome you to contact me directly for a no-obligation discussion about your paint job.

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Painting Services

Interior Home Painting Adelaide

Internal painting

Infuse new life into your Northern Suburbs Adelaide home with a fresh coat of paint. Whether your ambition is a comprehensive interior transformation or a focused enhancement of specific spaces—a solitary room, handpicked walls, or even a few cracking ceilings—we can help you do it all.

Exterior house painting

Exploring ways to elevate your property's value, enhance its curb appeal, or ready your Northern Suburbs Adelaide property for a successful sale?

Painting continues to emerge as a foremost strategy to accomplish these objectives and garner a remarkable Return on Investment. Our dedicated external painting services are meticulously calibrated to the local context, spanning across entire home exteriors as well as tending to those nuanced facets that often escape notice—think doors, windows, and decks. With us, you can confidently anticipate not just an enhancement in your property's visual allure, but also a bolstering of its intrinsic charm and market desirability.

Painting Services Adelaide
Painter Rostrevor


Are your walls, ceilings, or cornices marred by unsightly cracks, holes, or water damage? Dealing with the challenge of sagging or bowed ceilings?

Whether your job entails addressing minor patch-up plastering repairs or embarking on a comprehensive replacement of an entire damaged plasterboard on a wall or ceiling, you can rely on us to reinstate both the structural soundness and the aesthetic excellence of your interiors, ensuring that no trace of imperfection remains.

Outdoor furniture staining

Tired with the sight of your weathered and worn outdoor furniture? Prepare to be amazed by the transformation we can bring. Discover the remarkable difference as we breathe new life into your outdoor furniture, revitalising it to a state that's nothing short of brand new.

Outdoor Furniture Painting Adelaide
Deck staining Adelaide

Deck painting

Decks endure the relentless impact of weather elements and can gradually lose their shine over time.

With our comprehensive deck staining and maintenance services spanning Northern Suburbs Adelaide, we go beyond in safeguarding your deck against nature's forces— guaranteeing greater weather resistance and durability so you can enjoy it for many more years.

Bathroom painting

As time passes, bathrooms can fall prey to moisture-related troubles, leading to unattractive mold growth, stubborn stains, and unsightly discoloration on walls and ceilings. That's where our expertise steps in. Employing a meticulous approach that encompasses sugar soap cleaning and masterful repainting, we specialise in solutions that will turn your bathroom into a revitalised haven of freshness and rejuvenation.

Painter in Adelaide

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We’d love to share our latest articles, tips, and resources with you on how to avoid painting disasters and also smart ways to add value to your property in Northern Suburbs Adelaide. Get more Adelaide home painting tips right here.

What are the benefits of painting your home?

Are you thinking of painting your house this year? As an experienced Adelaide home painter, I know firsthand how a fresh coat in modern colours can benefit your home. Keep reading to learn why painting your home is a worthwhile investment that will reap dividends.

1. It will increase your home’s value

Whether you are thinking of selling your home or getting an appraisal from your bank to access equity for renovations, a fresh coat of paint will increase its value. Consider repainting the exterior and interior to raise your assessment even more.

2. Increase curb appeal

Paint colour trends change with the decades. If it’s been a while between coats, painting your house will make it look more modern and increase curb appeal. A more attractive home can help spruce up the entire neighbourhood, but it could also increase the number of offers you receive if you want to sell quickly.

3. New paints resist the harsh Australian elements

The paint industry is highly competitive, and a lot of research and development goes into creating new paints to stand out from the competition. Manufacturers are constantly improving their paints’ ability to resist dust, dirt, and moisture and shrug off the Australian sun’s damaging, colour-fading rays.

Where to buy painting supplies in Adelaide?

A fresh coat of paint on an older property can bring a home into the modern era and improve street appeal. While it’s easier than ever to find and purchase paint online, the multitude of choices adds an extra layer of complexity to your decision-making. As an Adelaide painter regularly tasked with updating homes with a fresh coat of paint, here are a few of my favourite Adelaide paint suppliers.

1. Taubmans


Taubmans are a well-known Australian brand with a wide range of paints for inside and outside in just about every colour you  can imagine. They have a handy colour visualiser app you can use to select colours quickly, or while away your time finding the perfect shade. The paint manufacturer is famous for its high-quality, so there’s no way you can go wrong if you choose to go with Taubman’s.

2. Inspirations paint


If you don’t exactly what brand of paint you should choose, then hopefully Inspirations Paint will live up to its name and point you in the right direction. The experts in-store will be able to take you through what you need, so you come away with the perfect paint for your painting project. Browse their extensive website for woodcare tips and expert advice on house, marine, and metal surface painting.

3. Crowies paints


Crowies’ tagline is “We Know Paint,” so I’m confident they can supply whatever you need. They stock paints from some of the best manufacturers like Wattyl, Solver, and Hempel, but also provide a premium range of paints under their own brand name. The company loves to give back to the community that supports them and recently provided a 20% discount to victims of the 2022 floods.

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