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Are you looking for a trusted painter in Eastern Suburbs SA? Don't want to risk a bad paint job?

Welcome. And that's why at Adelaide Home Painting we pride ourselves on delivering quality paint work that will increase the value of your property and most importantly, IT WILL LAST!

We offer a specialist painting team across Eastern Suburbs and Adelaide that is experienced, affordable, and able to assist with any paint  or plastering job for your residential or commercial property, office, strata or retail space.

We’ll take the time to understand what you need and can afford and suggest the best possible products and solutions to match.

In addition, we offer complete property maintenance and handymen services to help you take care of all those little jobs around your home or investment property.

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Tim Wright

“Unfortunately, a bad paint job is costly, and it won’t last”

Hi, my name is Tim Wright. I started my career in the industry by flipping properties 20 years ago. I have since purchased and renovated countless homes before becoming a licensed painter and handyman service servicing Eastern Suburbs and all Adelaide.

I established Adelaide Home Painting with open and honest communication at the core of my service delivery. I’m committed to providing clients with high quality paint work that will add value to their property.

In my experience, a main problem many customers face is understanding why paint quotes can vary so significantly for what appears to be “the same job”. Very simply, there are certain short cuts that can be taken and as a result property owners get disappointed when they see peeling paint and cracks within months.

 With painting, it’s all about the process, technique, and quality of paint. A quality paint job will last you 10+ years and save you money long-term.

This is why I’ll always take the time to explain our process, what we are doing, and why.

I understand how important it is to build trust, ensure the client is always updated and informed, and of course provide a workmanship guarantee. This has been the driving force of Adelaide Home Painting,  and this is my commitment to you.

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Painting Services

Interior Home Painting Adelaide

Internal painting

A fresh coat of paint can instantly add life back into your Eastern Suburbs home. Whether you wish to paint the full interior of your home or simply a small room, a few walls, or ceilings, you can trust experienced painters, Tim and Warren to help you. 

Exterior house painting

Want to add value to your property, street appeal, or get your Eastern Suburbs Adelaide home ready for sale? We believe painting is one of the best ways to do this and achieve an excellent Return on Investment. Our local area external painting services include full home exteriors as well as smaller areas that other painters may say no to –  like doors, windows, and decks.

Painting Services Adelaide
Painter Rostrevor


Do your walls, ceilings, or cornices have cracks, holes, or water damage? Got sagging or bowed ceilings. We can help with small patch-up plastering repairs as well as replace the entire damaged plasterboard of a wall or ceiling.

Outdoor furniture staining

Tired of your rusty and faded outdoor furniture? You’ll be surprised how we can get your outdoor furniture looking brand new again.

Outdoor Furniture Painting Adelaide
Deck staining Adelaide

Deck painting

Decks are often exposed to elements and can easily fade over time. Our deck staining and maintenance services in Eastern Suburbs and Adelaide will protect and restore your deck to make it last longer.

Bathroom painting

Over time a damp bathroom can cause ceilings and walls to build mould, stain, and discolour. We can help restore your bathroom by carrying out a sugar soap clean and repainting it.

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Adelaide paint blog, tips & tricks

Making it Last

We’d love to share our latest articles, tips, and resources with you on how to avoid painting disasters and also smart ways to add value to your property in Eastern Suburbs and all across Adelaide. Get more Adelaide home painting tips right here.

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Adelaide Home Painting Tips – Reasons to Avoid a DIY Paint Job

Why you should not DIY your home paint

Seeing a professional painter at work makes it look like a reasonably easy job. There’s a lot more to painting than the painting itself.

For starters, there’s all the preparation work to do before you get to the painting stage. And then there are the years of experience in understanding the different materials and surfaces that ensure a lasting paint job.
This article will provide five convincing reasons why you should hire a professional painter over doing it yourself.

Why hire a professional painter in Adelaide

House painting is not just about giving your home a facelift. It’s about choosing the best paint that adheres to the walls and lasts for years, increasing the value of your property.

A pristine look for your home’s interior and exterior requires the right tools, like a quality brush or air sprayer, and knowledge of colour schemes that best suit your space. A professional Adelaide painter has the experience to do the job right and select a colour combination that will still look modern when trends change.

1. Using the correct type of paint

Deciding the overall look of your home or office begins with choosing the right paint. However, when you start painting, picking the wrong paint type can lead to peeling and chipping. For example, if you choose a paint that isn’t designed to adhere well to your walls, you could end up with a less-than-satisfactory job that will cost more to repair.

2. Quality of work

If you’re looking to paint your Adelaide home and want smooth, drip-free walls, a DIY project may not give you the best results. As with most professions, a good result is all in the details, from the number of coats of paint required to having just the right amount of paint on the brush for each stroke. Experienced Adelaide painters know the ins and outs of their craft, which will save you a lot of stress.

3. Proper prep work

Good prep work is the secret behind every superb paint job. The work required to ensure the paint adheres to the surface, such as sanding, filling, and covering fixtures, can be tiring and detailed. Prep work and painting in high and hard-to-reach areas can be dangerous if you’re not used to working on a ladder. 

4. A paint job that will last

A new paint job by an experienced Adelaide painter often lasts longer than a DIY project. These painters have years of experience and know how to prep, paint, and finish walls to ensure the paint stays put.

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Adelaide Home Painting Tips – 5 Reasons to Paint Your House

What are the benefits of painting your home?

Are you thinking of painting your house this year? As an experienced Adelaide home painter, I know firsthand how a fresh coat in modern colours can benefit your home. Keep reading to learn why painting your home is a worthwhile investment that will reap dividends.

1. It will increase your home’s value

Whether you are thinking of selling your home or getting an appraisal from your bank to access equity for renovations, a fresh coat of paint will increase its value. Consider repainting the exterior and interior to raise your assessment even more.

2. Increase curb appeal

Paint colour trends change with the decades. If it’s been a while between coats, painting your house will make it look more modern and increase curb appeal. A more attractive home can help spruce up the entire neighbourhood, but it could also increase the number of offers you receive if you want to sell quickly.

3. New paints resist the harsh Australian elements

The paint industry is highly competitive, and a lot of research and development goes into creating new paints to stand out from the competition. Manufacturers are constantly improving their paints’ ability to resist dust, dirt, and moisture and shrug off the Australian sun’s damaging, colour-fading rays.

4. Prevent damage to your home

Old, cracked, and peeling paint exposes your home to potential damage. Pests, moisture, wind, and rain can cause degradation in building materials directly exposed to the elements. Adding a modern coat of paint to your home’s exterior will cover up exposed areas and reduce the potential for expensive repairs.

5. Make your home more comfortable

A new paint job using modern colours can improve the comfort level of the home and create the perfect backdrop for your interior decorating. Dirty, damaged walls are depressing, while a fresh coat will create an appealing, uplifting environment.

Different colour schemes affect mood as well, such as blues for feeling calm and relaxed, or yellows and oranges for a more energetic vibe.

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