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Are you looking for a reputable painter in Gilles Plains SA 5086? Don't want to risk a poor paint job?

Welcome. And that's why at Adelaide Home Painting we pride ourselves on delivering quality paint work that will increase the value of your property and most importantly, IT WILL LAST!

Backed with a highly skilled and affordable paint team across Gilles Plains and Adelaide we're able to help with any paint or plastering job for your residential or commercial property, office, strata or retail space.

Tim and his team will take the time to understand your desired outcome along with what you can afford to suggest the best possible products and solutions for your project.

Further, we proudly offer a complete property maintenance and handymen service to help take care of all those little jobs around your property that come along with painting- whether it's replacing doors, installing new shelves and pictures, or replacing cornices.

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Tim Wright

“Unfortunately, a bad paint job is costly, and it won’t last”

Hi, my name is Tim Wright. I started my career in the home improvement industry by flipping properties 20 years ago. I have since purchased and renovated countless homes before becoming a licensed painter and handyman servicing Gilles Plains and the surrounding Adelaide area.

At the core of Adelaide Home Painting is strong ethics – to offer a quality service with open and honest communication.

I take a personal commitment to providing my clients with high-quality paint work that will add value to their property.

In my experience, a main problem many clients face is understanding why paint quotes can vary so significantly for what appears to be “the same job”. Very simply, there are certain shortcuts that can be taken and as a result, property owners get disappointed when they see peeling paint and cracks within months.

 With painting, it’s all about the process, technique, and quality of paint. A quality paint job will last you 10+ years and save you money long-term.

This is why I’ll always take the time to explain our process, what we are doing, and why.

I understand how important it is to build trust, ensure excellent communication throughout the project, and of course provide a workmanship guarantee over the work. 

I welcome you to contact me directly for a no-obligation discussion about your paint job.

Here are our Gilles Plains & Adelaide

Painting Services

Interior Home Painting Adelaide

Internal painting

A fresh coat of paint can instantly add life back into your Gilles Plains home. Whether you wish to paint the full interior of your home or simply a small room, a few walls, or ceilings, you can trust experienced painters, Tim and Warren to help you. 

Exterior house painting

Want to add value to your property, street appeal, or get your Gilles Plains Adelaide home ready for sale? We believe painting is one of the best ways to do this and achieve an excellent Return on Investment. Our local area external painting services include full home exteriors as well as smaller areas that other painters may say no to –  like doors, windows, and decks.

Painting Services Adelaide
Painter Rostrevor


Do your walls, ceilings, or cornices have cracks, holes, or water damage? Got sagging or bowed ceilings. We can assist with small patch-up plastering repairs as well as replace the entire damaged plasterboard of a wall or ceiling.

Outdoor furniture staining

Tired of your rusty and faded outdoor furniture? You’ll be surprised how we can get your outdoor furniture looking brand new again.

Outdoor Furniture Painting Adelaide
Deck staining Adelaide

Deck painting

Decks are often exposed to elements and can easily fade over time. Our deck staining and maintenance services in Gilles Plains and Adelaide will protect and restore your deck to make it last longer.

Bathroom painting

Over time a damp bathroom can cause ceilings and walls to build mould, stain, and discolour. We can help restore your bathroom by carrying out a sugar soap clean and repainting it.

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Adelaide paint blog, tips & tricks

Making it Last

We’d love to share our latest articles, tips, and resources with you on how to avoid painting disasters and also smart ways to add value to your property in Gilles Plains and all across Adelaide. Get more Adelaide home painting tips right here.

Painter Gilles Plains SA 5086

Deck Painting and Maintenance During Summer

Where to buy painting supplies in Adelaide?

A fresh coat of paint on an older property can bring a home into the modern era and improve street appeal. While it’s easier than ever to find and purchase paint online, the multitude of choices adds an extra layer of complexity to your decision-making. As an Adelaide painter regularly tasked with updating homes with a fresh coat of paint, here are a few of my favourite Adelaide paint suppliers.

1. Taubmans


Taubmans are a well-known Australian brand with a wide range of paints for inside and outside in just about every colour you  can imagine. They have a handy colour visualiser app you can use to select colours quickly, or while away your time finding the perfect shade. 

2. Inspirations paint


If you don’t exactly what brand of paint you should choose, then hopefully Inspirations Paint will live up to its name and point you in the right direction. The experts in-store will be able to take you through what you need, so you come away with the perfect paint for your painting project. Browse their extensive website for woodcare tips and expert advice on house, marine, and metal surface painting.

3. Crowies paints


Crowies’ tagline is “We Know Paint,” so I’m confident they can supply whatever you need. They stock paints from some of the best manufacturers like Wattyl, Solver, and Hempel, but also provide a premium range of paints under their own brand name. 

4. Mitre10


There’s sure to be a Mitre10 store somewhere near you, wherever you live in Adelaide. They have every type of paint you need in stock and professionals in store to guide you in paint type and colour selection, including metal paints, decking, stains, and preparation paint. 

5. Haymes paint


Haymes has an extensive library of colours and claims to scour the globe for upcoming design trends. So, if you want a paint job that’s a little ahead of the trend curve, the Haymes colour library is worth checking out. Their Artisan collection is quite popular for home decorators who enjoy a bit of texture on their walls.

Adelaide Home Care Tips

Adelaide Home Care Tips – How to Clean and Prevent Mould in Your Bathroom

Keep your bathroom clean with these tips

There’s no getting around it; mould spores always surround us. Fortunately, they are rarely a problem in normal circumstances. However, when conditions are right, mould spores can quickly grow out of control to the point where they pose a severe health issue, especially in moist household environments like the bathroom. Use these tips from a professional Adelaide home handyman to prevent and eradicate mould in your bathroom.

1. Clean with sugar soap

Sugar soap is the cleaner most often used to prepare a surface for painting. As such, it’s an effective agent for removing mould stains from walls, but it will not penetrate deep enough to kill the mould at its roots. If the mould has had time to penetrate deep into the surface, sugar soap will only be a temporary solution. You may need to call in a professional handyman for more permanent eradication.

2. Use a mould resistant paint

Once you have effectively eradicated the mould, a fresh coat of mould resistant paint can keep the mould at bay for up to 7 years. Painting the bathroom ceiling with this type of paint is highly recommended, as is a good quality fan that vents moisture to the outside. Ceiling fans with an inbuilt timer allowing them to run for a few minutes after being switched off can also help eliminate the last airborne moisture when you have finished in the bathroom.

3. Identify the source of your mould

The appearance of mould can indicate problems lurking behind your walls. Even small leaks can make conditions ripe enough for mould to grow and spread. If you suspect a problem with your plumbing, an Adelaide home handyman can help you identify the source of your mould problem and recommend a solution.

4. Stop mould from growing in the first place

The key to stopping mould growth in the first place is to prevent the sorts of conditions that mould prefers. Unfortunately, the family bathroom is often the first place it will take root if moisture is allowed to prevail.  Regular maintenance and painting will go a long way to preventing mould build-up. Call your Adelaide home handyman today to find out more.

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