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Adelaide Painting Tips – Best Paint Brands

Which paint brand is best for my Adelaide property?

When most people think of painting their home indoors or outdoors, their primary focus is on colours. However, there are different paints for different areas of the house.

If you or your favourite Adelaide home painter are painting your home’s exterior, you need to select paints created for that purpose. Outdoor paints leave a durable coating that will resist the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Specialised paints for bathroom ceilings resist mould, and if you are starting from the base material, you will need an undercoat as well.

Now that you know a little about the different types of paints, it’s time to learn more about the popular brands around Australia and what makes them stand out.

Haymes Paint

Haymes has been brushing up against Australian homes for more than 80 years and consistently scores five-star reviews wherever paint reviews can be found. They get all sorts of love because of the quality finish, variety of shades, and silky smooth application. Their reputation for durability lets them down a little, but you still get a lot of quality for your money.


Wattyl has been around even longer than Haymes, so the brand is a bit of an Aussie icon. Their Solargard range is incredibly popular for exteriors, but they also make great indoor paints. If your goal is to coat your home in the latest colours, then Wattyl is well-known for keeping up with the trends and creating shades to suit.

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You would be hard-pressed to find an Australian who hasn’t heard of Dulux. Their Wash and Wear paints are popular for households with young children because they resist marks from grubby hands and budding crayon artists. You should also head to the Dulux aisle if you have a creative streak and need to create an industrial vibe with a rough concrete finish or a feature wall with a shimmering metallic sheen.

British Paints

British Paints can now only be found at Bunnings, which means you can still get it pretty much everywhere. Their website has a handy ‘Colouriser’ section that lets you view what the finished room will like. There’s a 25-year guarantee on their 4 Seasons paint, which should have you painting with confidence.


Taubmans are famous for creating paints that can handle the harsh Australian climate of droughts and flooding rains. They also develop specialised paints for ceilings, doors, and trimmings to ensure a quality finish wherever you are laying down a coat. They are among the few paint brands to score highly across the board for durability, ease of application, and variety.


If you have a Colorbond fence gutter or roof and want the rest of your home to match, then Berger’s Colorbond will ensure you get the perfect shade. There’s a colour in the range for every shade that Colorbond produces, so you can’t go wrong. They are let down a little by their quality of finish, with their average score of three out of five stars.

Getting your paint job started

There’s a lot more to painting than slapping on a fresh coat of paint and hoping for the best. You have a wide selection of paints to select from, with many areas of your home requiring specialised paints.

Correct surface prepping and quality brushwork are also important to ensure a quality finish.

Need painting services in Adelaide?

Adelaide Home Painting can assist you with a range of internal and outdoor painting services in Adelaide and surrounding areas. We offer a specialist painting team that is experienced, affordable, and able to assist with any paint job, big or small for your residential or commercial property.

Our team can also provide suggestions on the latest trends and what colours will work for your property.

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