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Painters Adelaide – Working with Painters and Colour Consultants

Painters Adelaide: What do colour consultants do?

The main goal of working with a colour consultant is to help you determine the most suitable paint colours for your house painting project.  Keep in mind that a colour consultant is not there to make the decision for you, but to provide you with options so you can decide on what colours you want to use for your house. Local painters in Adelaide often have a network of colour consultants they can recommend if you want to take advantage of this service before you paint.

Painters Adelaide: The colour scheme

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The colour or colours you choose for your painting project will be determined by the atmosphere you want to project for the exterior or any interior room in your home. Some tips for your colour scheme include the following:

  • The three-colour rule – One of the primary rules of painting revolves around sticking to three colours for any given project. When it comes to exterior painting that gives you options for the main part of the exterior, the gutters, and for the house trim. For your home’s interior, you can use two to three colours depending on what kinds of accents you have in your rooms. Usually, a main colour and a trim/accent colour for the baseboards and window trim are used for interior painting.
  • The 60/20/10 rule – Another essential rule to adhere to when painting is the 60/20/10 rule. This means you use the main colour to paint 60% of your house, 20% for your trim, and 10% for accents like the gutters or baseboards. Your colour consultant will work with you on how this rule works.
  • Use a darker colour than you want – Why would you go with a darker colour than you want? Doesn’t that defeat get the colour you want? No. The reasoning behind going darker with your colours has to do with how paint fades over time due to the elements. That’s what the colour consultants and professional local painters we spoke with recommend.

Painters Adelaide: The paint finish

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Nowadays you have several options when it comes to the finish you want for your painting project. Here are the primary finishes.

  • Flat or matte – Flat, or matte paint finishes provide a non-reflective surface. It is most commonly used for ceilings and seldom used for walls. Some interior designers and colour consultants recommend the matte finish for some wall projects to get more depth from it.
  • Satin – The satin finish has a noticeable sheen to it and is extremely popular. It provides great wall coverage and isn’t flashy or overdone.
  • Semi-gloss – Semi-gloss finishes are reflective and slick and best suited on window and door trims. It will show even minor errors in the paint job, so it’s not often recommended for the DIY painters. It is much safer to use a professional painters in Adelaide for semi-gloss paint finish jobs.
  • Gloss – Gloss paint provides a high-gloss shimmer to your walls. Just like with semi-gloss, gloss finishes are not forgiving and show mistakes, fingerprints, and scratches. It should be used sparingly and is best suited for a feature wall.
  • Eggshell – Eggshell is relatively popular for living rooms and family rooms as it offers a bit of a sheen and is easy to clean. Eggshell offers a deep and rich colour finish.

Need painting services in Adelaide?

Adelaide Home Painting can assist you with a range of internal and outdoor painting services in Adelaide and surrounding areas. We offer a specialist painting team that is experienced, affordable, and able to assist with any paint job, big or small for your residential or commercial property.

Our team can also provide suggestions on the latest trends and what colours will work for your property.

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