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Adelaide Painting Tips – Problems Caused by DIY Paint Jobs

Reasons to choose a professional painter in Adelaide

Painting a house might seem straightforward, but experience can mean the difference between a great job and one where you wish you had opted for a professional. It’s a lot more complicated than it looks.

Here are a few reasons to consider hiring an experienced Adelaide painter to spruce up your home.

Choosing the right paint

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Getting the correct type of paint onto your walls will ensure you have a lasting paint job that looks great for a long time. You have a wide selection to choose from, such as matte, satin, semi-gloss, high-gloss, and oil and water-based varieties. Each type will create a different look for the room, so careful selection is necessary to achieve the desired result.

Water-based paints are easier to work with and require much less work when cleaning up. Good quality brands will resist yellowing and cracking.

On the other hand, oil-based paints require more experience to get a nice finish and clean up at the end of the day can be a pain because you need copious volumes of mineral spirits. They also have a strong odour and take longer to dry. However, in the right hands, nothing beats the smooth, level finish of an oil-based paint, which will also last longer.

Experienced painters will know what type of paint to use and where, so you can be sure you will get the best result for your home.

Save time on preparation

The difference between a good paint job and a poor one lies in the preparation. Many DIYers are unfamiliar with how involved the preparation process is for a particular surface. As a result, the paint does not go on as well as it should, and it doesn’t last anywhere near as long as it should.

Proper preparation is a labour-intensive job requiring experience with a range of tools. All surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly, and cracks and holes filled and sanded smooth. A professional knows how to get through preparation quickly and efficiently, so you’ll save yourself a lot of weekends with an experienced painting service.

Enjoy a better results

Getting just the right amount of paint on with every stroke is a practised skill. Adelaide homeowners who DIY are often forced to put up with visible streaks, roller marks, runs, drips, and uneven coverage for years before it’s time to paint again. Rough paint jobs can also make it harder to attract offers on your property as potential buyers wonder what else you may have done yourself to save a few dollars.

Save money

You may think you are saving money by doing it yourself, but it often backfires. For starters, you’ve got the cost of the tools and paint, and cheaper is rarely better.

Inexperience leaves many DIYers with equipment they don’t need, and too much paint that will go to waste. You could also order an insufficient amount of paint, which can be an issue when trying to match colours with a different batch.

A poor paint job, especially on the exterior of your house, can lead to damage that will cost a lot in repairs. Save money and get a paint job you can be proud of by getting a professional painter.

Need painting services in Adelaide?

Adelaide Home Painting can assist you with a range of internal and outdoor painting services in Adelaide and surrounding areas. We offer a specialist painting team that is experienced, affordable, and able to assist with any paint job, big or small for your residential or commercial property.

Our team can also provide suggestions on the latest trends and what colours will work for your property.

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