Sagging Ceiling Repair

Sagging Ceiling Repairs in Adelaide: Tips

What causes your ceiling to sag?

Ceilings can sag for several reasons. Some problems are obvious, while others can remain hidden from view. If you suspect your ceiling is not in the best of shape, an inspection from your Adelaide home painter will reveal the cause, as well as provide solutions and tips for repairs.

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Moisture damage

Rain that enters through a damaged roof can pool and cause the ceiling to sag. If you have insulation covering the ceiling, moisture build-up can make it very heavy and add extra pressure onto the ceiling plaster boards.

Moisture that gets into the ceiling plaster boards and wooden beams may cause a mould outbreak or wood rot.

If you notice dark stains on your ceiling, no matter how small, call your handyman immediately for a more thorough inspection. Your roof and ceiling will need to be repaired as soon as possible.

Sarking sheets, a protective foil laminate installed under the roof surface, are a solution to prevent moisture entering your building even if the tiles are slightly damaged during a storm.


Over the years, gravity and shifting ground take their toll on your home. Adhesives lose strength, and nails can lose their grip. The older a property is, the more likely it is to have sagging ceilings. Fortunately, a sagging ceiling in an old home is most often repairable by an Adelaide home handyman experienced with plastering.

Structural movement

Changing seasons, wet ground, and temperature changes create expansion and movement in the building materials and eventually lead to a sagging ceiling. A building inspector will need to assess the reason for the sagging and recommend what needs to be done.

Shifting foundations can cause problems with the floors, walls, and ceilings. If you notice your doors are jamming, cracks in the wall, and cracks in your outside surfaces, it’s likely you have a problem with the foundation.

Faults in the foundations will require a professional building inspection, which will also provide a recommended course of action.

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